Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-16

  • and this people is why FB is a bad idea http://t.co/gpl40KrM do you trust *all* of your friends not to sign up and share your info ? #
  • Pele starts on twitter with 1 tweet and 8k followers… hope the account is legit else there will be disappointment #
  • "eliminates" is a very strong word when it comes to Infosec http://t.co/0scKGFOi #
  • have you noticed that the more signatures there are on a form the less responsibility each signatory feels… there should be a law for this #
  • unless you actually test the UID / PW given http://t.co/oZR2OaSw all you have proven is that people will give you random words for chocolate #
  • That consumers rate corp accounts less than personal is concerning. Perhaps a blend of info is needed so they are viewed the same ? #
  • here's a data leak, getting emailed out of the blue by a company to tracked you down with the power of google attaching your sensitive docs #
  • good job I have a fairly unique name else one wonders how many other Quentyn's they sent my data to #
  • is been 10 yrs since Bill Gates sent the "Infosec Memo" http://t.co/mB6jcLLz when will someone at Apple do the same http://t.co/h1XwGRnt #
  • Maryland bans employers from asking for social media account passwords http://t.co/t19IUnAR – the 1st of many ? #
  • HP ships procurve flash cards with malware http://t.co/SosjnnLF – only a risk if you plug the card into a PC ? #
  • this is going to have an impact http://t.co/7P2gU5Ph code is not property therefore cant be stolen… #
  • 1st time i have ever seen 2 passengers almost come to blows over who gets off of the plane 1st. What happened to manners ? #
  • RT @InfosecurityMag: Not too late to prepare for cookie law deadline, says ICO http://t.co/UsZAAzb1 so as long as you have a plan you are ok #
  • Just bought a safe…. Shop locked it so that the door wouldn't swing as we out it in the car… Then forgot to give me the keys.. Gahhh #
  • who would have thought it Hon.Mrs.Christine Lagarde, is emailing me from a Gmail address… offering me money. and she sounds like a 419er #
  • I am all for security questions but sometimes they gather a little too much info http://t.co/Yk9Qu8l0 #
  • my daughter decided to fill my work shoes with her drink this morning. Have no idea why #squelch #squelch #
  • looking forwards to a lunchtime meeting tomorrow with Lior Arbel from @websense customers and journalists discussing data loss #
  • I cant believe that #infosec12 is next week.. there is so much to do. Really excited to be meeting some of you on the @CanonSecurityEU stand #
  • sage words from @FSecure here https://t.co/q9CfElcm – needs to be a users mantra like "mirror signal maneuver" or "clunk click" #
  • really good article in @scmagazine (p20) on the evolving role of the CIO and CISO, by @NifS – it quotes me so it is going to be good :o) #
  • ref https://t.co/pKoUx3ab I would be interested to see if anyone else recognizes the points that are made ? Opinions ? #
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